Jameson whiskey, Dublin Airport

Jameson, Dublin Airport, Novemeber 2013This is an advert for Jameson Whiskey, strategically placed to capture an audience of many thousands passing through Dublin Airport each day. It is one of a number of adverts for Jameson whiskey in Dublin Airport currently on display. There are four or five in T2 departures alone.

Jameson whiskey is 40% alcohol,a highly toxic, psychoactive, carcinogenic drug. Yet there  is no mention of alcohol anywhere on the advert. On close inspection  the only reference “40% by vol.” is obscured and unreadable on all displays. If this is accidental or pure  coincidence fair enough.

If however  the reference is hidden deliberately to hide the fact that this is an advert for a bottle of 40% alcohol, it is deceitful and highly  irresponsible on the part of Jameson whiskey.

Many of the passengers through Dublin airport are young. If an immature or inexperienced drinker drank too much 40% alcohol it would have serious consequences on their physical and mental health

The people who run Dublin airport have a responsiblity to see that adverts in their jurisdiction are clear, unambiguous and truthful

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