Jameson heavy alcohol wants Dublin to have a good evening, and that’s an order

Jameson good evening Dublin

Jameson – Pernod Ricard want Dublin to have a good evening

This is an appeal to young Irish people to go into the pubs and clubs and drink Jameson 40% alcohol.

Jameson – Pernod Ricard use websites such as “Entertainment.ie” and ” The Daily Edge” to reach young, inexperienced drinkers. Jameson promotional material is camouflaged to make it appear is if its part and parcel of the editorial. This is to build trust and confidence among young people. There is no mention of 40% alcohol, whiskey or anything that might give the consumer the information that this is advertising for heavy alcohol.

Drinkawaste.com has lodged a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland about this campaign on the basis it is marketing by stealth and deception




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