Smirnoff vodka, with ice cream and Nutella

Smirnoff nutella

Found this yummy recipe on the Smirnoff Facebook page

A must for all Nutella lovers according to Smirnoff

Put a dollop of  vanilla ice cream, Nutella, some milk and a shot of Smirnoff vodka into a blender and mix until smooth

Pour into a glass and garnish with gratings of chocolate. Add some hazelnuts if you fancy

A delish way to refresh your day.  Especially in this weather, when its so hot!

Oh and enjoy the lovely Smirnoff ice cream cocktail with Nutella sensibly

If you can. You think the responsible people at  Smirnoff forgot to mention this?

No they don’t have to. Not on Facebook, that’s why there’s so much heavy alcohol stuff on there

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