The Jager Bomb

Jagermeister Heritage

Taste is not a matter of chance but the result of decades of experience – and a secret recipe. Made from the same 56 handselected herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits, newly arranged. Crafted and perfected in Germany, by master distillers, using traditional methods to achieve Jagermeister’s unique taste. Do not mention Jagermeister’s alcohol content, 35%, as this may have negative connotations

Jagermeister in Ireland

Take advantage of young Irish men’s enjoyment of alcohol, music and dancing. Exploit their weakness for Jagermeister and Red Bull – “The Jager Bomb”.   This combination of heavy alcohol with high energy caffeine is guaranteed to result in a high level of intoxication.  This can lead to unruly and unsocial behaviour which is regrettable. The tag line “Enjoy Jagermeister Sensibly” is included in all promotional material. We know this makes no sense. Research has shown these words consolidate the Jagermeister brand and actually encourage higher consumption

The Outlook

We are confident the soft and sympathetic environment for our heavy alcohol product in Ireland will remain, and that young Irish men will continue to get “Jager Bombed” frequently. We look forward to the revenue from the booming sales of Jager Bombs at 10 euros each,  for many years to come

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