10 simple ways to lose weight

1.Eat a healthy breakfast! It kicks start your metabolism and you are less likely to snack mid morning and less likely to eat past the point of fullness at lunch. Eating porridge every morning has other health benefits. It boosts energy, helps to lower cholesterol( as part of a low-fat diet), and may help prevent heart disease and other cancers, helps control blood sugars and aids digestion.

2.Eat cereal for breakfast (hot or cold). Breakfast cereals such as whole grain cereals (oat or wheat based cereals) are lower in calories and higher in vitamins and minerals than other breakfast foods. A typical breakfast demi- baguette contains 1,335 calories and 66g of fat – EIGHT times the calories and 33 times the fat value of a breakfast of porridge oats and a serving of orange juice.

3. Choose porridge and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice Instead of a latte and a croissant and save 140 kcal and 14g fat. Or if you insist on having morning coffee, swap your cappuccino or latte for an Americano and save 100 kcal. As porridge is 100% whole grain, one bowl provides two of the three servings of whole grains recommended for health. Diets rich in whole grain can help prevent heart disease.

4. Drink plenty of water; people often mistake thirst for hunger. The recommended daily amount is two litres and more when exercising.

5. Choose an apple instead of a muffin and save 265 kcal and 14g fat. Or go for a pear instead of a ring doughnut and be 200 kcal better off.

6. Eat more low energy dense foods like fruit and vegetables – leave the fruit bowl on the kitchen table and finish every meal with a piece of fruit.

7. Half fill your plate with steamed or salad vegetables at your main meal. These foods are filling but have very few calories.

8. Avoid distractions at mealtimes. Eating while reading the newspaper or watching the television can blunt satiety cues and results in higher calorie intakes.

9. Don’t snack while watching the television (or at the cinema) as this leads to passive over consumption of calories. Look but don’t eat.

10. Watch the size of your portions! Food portion sizes grow year by year, even though people actually need less energy due to a shift towards sedentary lifestyles. The Americans have dubbed it ” portion distortion”

Source; Nuala Collins, Leading independent nutritionist, www. flahavans.ie/health-and-nutrition

Fruit Oat Smoothie

Here’s a summer breakfast option with thanks to Flahavans.ie

Fruit Oat Smoothie, makes 500ml approx or 1 pint


150g(6oz) fruit(e.g. bananas, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, kiwis or stewed apple)

100g(40z) yogurt

40g(1 and 1/2 oz) or 2 scoops Flahavan’s Quick Oats

200ml(7fl oz) milk

Honey to sweeten


1. Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend for about 1 minute until smooth

2. Add more milk for consistency

3. Pour into two tall glasses and serve

From Mary Flahavan’s Tasty Oat Recipe Booklet

Cooler West Coast now has vodka

west coast cooler, epic

Epic Together? To get the connection you have to go to Facebook

There the target consumer, two attractive females whose friendship is Epic say;

“Us girls have a special bond that’s like no other, our friendship is beyond special”

Clearly “Us Girls” don’t think West Coast Cooler is cool unless there’s a kick in it

That’s why Pernod Ricard added vodka. Be careful, West Coast Cooler is now 7% pure alcohol

But you won’t find this item of vital consumer health information anywhere



Guinness Paint the Town Black? Never Again

Drinkawaste.com complained about this campaign through the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland

On the basis the slogan, ” Paint the Town Black”  was coined from the phrase ” Paint the Town Red”

Paint the town red, is to engage in a wild spree. The allusion is to the kind of riotous behaviour that results in blood being spilt, according to Urbandictionary.com

Under pressure Diageo/Guinness withdrew the campaign for its alcohol product. It was a clear directive to abuse alcohol on Arthur’s Day and St Patrick’s Day

Now Diageo/Guinness say there will be no more Arthur’s Day. That is good news for the community, the  police, ambulance people, hospitals and others, who had to deal with the mayhem Arthur’s Day created

Missing Link Between Breast Cancer and Alcohol Discovered

A protein has been identified that plays a key role in the link between drinking alcohol and breast cancer.

Women with higher levels of the molecule in their breasts are more likely to develop cancer if they drink too much, research suggests.

Scientists in Mexico say their discovery could lead to a test showing which individuals are most at risk. Preventative measures could them be taken, such as helping vulnerable people cut down on alcohol.

The protein, an enzyme called CYP2E1, is believed to be involved in breaking down ethanol, otherwise known as alcohol , in the body.

In the process, unstable destructive oxygen molecules called free radicals are generated, which attack cell membranes and DNA.

Free radical damage, or oxidative stress, is known to be linked to cancer as well as other health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

Alcohol consumption is a long-established risk factor for breast cancer but until now the reason for the link has not been clear.

In this situation why aren’t women being warned of the dangers? How are drinks companies allowed advertise alcohol without any warning? Why is there no breakdown of the composition of alcohol drinks on the bottles or cans?



Germany had confidence..

Germany had total confidence in themselves individually and in each other as a team.

Another reason why Drink is a Waste. Alcohol sucks out your self belief over time.

Is there goodness in beer?

Yes according to Nutritiondata.self.com. They say the good comes from low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. The bad on the other hand – “a large proportion of the calories in beer comes from alcohol”. The analysis is on a can of regular Budweiser, below is a breakdown  of the main constituents;

Alcohol     13.9g

Water       331.09g

Ash              0.4g

Total         345.3g         Total serving size 357.0g

As you can see Budweiser is 4% alcohol, 93% water, a total of 97%.  The remaining 3% is made up of minerals, mainly calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and zinc. Problem is the benefits of the goodness in a can of Bud is more than offset by the toxic nature of alcohol.

See Nutritiondata.self.com for the complete breakdown

Does alcohol affect our skin?

“Yes” according to Dr. David Colbert, founder of New York Dermatology Group. “Alcohol is a hepatoxin, meaning it specifically damages the liver. It’s a toxin to the cells that detoxify your body”   “Alcohol also contains congeners, chemical substances produced during fermentation process that contribute to liquors’ unique tastes and smell. Congeners are the main cause of hangovers, so the more congeners in your liquor, the worse your hangover…and the worse you look in the morning”

“On top of that, all alcohol dehydrates the skin. This means your skin will appear less plump and fresh the next morning”

– Dr. Debra Jaliman, author of “Skin Rules: Trade Secrets From a Top New York Dermatologist”

Source; The Huffington Post

Smithwick’s is 92% water. What’s the secret?


The average pint of beer is 92% water according to Nutrition.self.com. So what’s the secret?

It must be the alcohol at around 4%. Alcohol is a toxic, intoxicating, addictive drug

Drinks companies don’t like the word, alcohol, even though they get most of their revenues from selling it

That’s why you don’t see alcohol mentioned in advertising or any marketing communications

Instead they ask you to enjoy xxx sensibly. How do you do that? Maybe that’s the secret!