Smithwick’s is 92% water. What’s the secret?


The average pint of beer is 92% water according to So what’s the secret?

It must be the alcohol at around 4%. Alcohol is a toxic, intoxicating, addictive drug

Drinks companies don’t like the word, alcohol, even though they get most of their revenues from selling it

That’s why you don’t see alcohol mentioned in advertising or any marketing communications

Instead they ask you to enjoy xxx sensibly. How do you do that? Maybe that’s the secret!


Enjoy Jack Daniel’s sensibly. How?

JD sensibly

Are they serious? How can anyone enjoy a bottle of 37.5% alcohol sensibly? It tastes so yuck they have to add honey to it. The typical consumer of Jack Daniel’s is a young, inexperienced drinker out to get drunk? He is anything but sensible