10 sneaky ways to lose weight

  1. When Out With Friends, Order First. If you do you’re more likely to order something you want. When people are together they tend to eat the same things
  2. Set the mood. If you’re eating out,  soft and quiet is better than loud and glary. You eat less if you’re relaxed – spend more time talking
  3. Use chop sticks. Chopsticks slow you down and make you eat less food with every bite
  4. Remember veggies first. Research says the first food we pick we’ll eat the most, so start with salads
  5. Never leave food where you can see it. Regardless of whether you are eating out or at home. Seeing it fills your thoughts with food
  6. Follow the rule of two.When dining out, select whatever reasonable main entrée you want (plus included sides) and pair it with only two other things to eat and drink.
  7. Place a Napkin on Your Lap
    People who do this before eating tend to have a healthier body mass index, according to Cornell University researchers. That’s because using a napkin reflects good table manners, says Wansink, and careful eaters often pay more attention to what they’re eating—and, as a result, how many calories they’re consuming.
  8. Ignore Healthy Buzzwords.
    Organic,” “all natural,” “low fat,” “a full serving of vegetables”—research shows that food descriptions that include veggies or other seemingly healthy attributes often make us believe that we’re consuming fewer calories than we actually are
  9. Ditch Cold Cereals
    Louisiana State University researchers found that women who eat a warm bowl of oatmeal served with fat-free milk feel 28 percent less hungry for up to four hours later compared with when they pour their breakfast from a box. Oatmeal’s fiber which takes longer to digest) is the secret
  10. Fill Your Instagram With Healthy Pics
    And follow friends who do the same. Researchers from England’s University of Leeds found that people eat fewer calories—and make better choices—after seeing shots of nutritious foods. “Visual cues prime you to eat right,” says Durvasula. The idea works at home or the office too—swap the candy bowl for fresh fruit. And just like that you’re eating healthier.


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