Hide & Deceive

Alcohol producers have a simple strategy;

  • Hide the alcohol
  • Deceive the consumer

Their key target audience is young adults, especially women

Drinks companies use every psychological trick on social media to buddy up to young consumers

Sex, babies, dogs, cats are used widely as attention grabbers

A prime strategy is to persuade young women to have a bottle of vodka or wine at home as completely normal

Drinks companies make vast profits, they have great power and influence

Making money is their prime objective, they have absolutely no regard for the health & wellbeing of the consumer.  However the freedom to market and advertise alcohol is coming to an end. Just like tobacco

Drinkawaste is funded by me. To help me achieve my ultimate objective of stopping all alcohol advertising any donation is greatly appreciated. You will find the donate button page on Drinkawaste.net. Thank you



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