The sun shines

Good weather makes a big difference. Warm and dry, long bright days

The horses are full of exuberance, bucking and leaping when they’re turned out

They’re without heavy winter rugs and can smell the growing grass

They have to be kept apart from the new-born lambs, might hurt them accidentally

Birds are shouting at each other, robins have to make way for those returning from their winter retreats

Competition for food intensifies, stuff is growing but it’s still early days

Meanwhile the supermarkets take advantage of the ritual Easter feasting

By selling the “Perfect match” for roast lamb, or the “Perfect partner” for turkey

We’re talking bottles of wine, Easter is a big time for wine

But remember wine is usually around 12 – 14% pure alcohol. And  can be very damaging to your health

Especially if you drink too much. So…

A glass of wine is good, the whole bottle very bad

Have a good Easter. Paste ferecit as they say in Romania

The Cobblestone

Dublin, Smithfield,
Dublin, Smithfield,

The Tumbleweed Love Sessions, a great gig last night

First up the awesome Mongoose, brilliant harmonies and lyrics from a dramatic quartet

Then Hidden Highways lush sound fuses Americana’s country and folk like mist off a swamp

Finally The Prairie Dawgs, the big band sound of Louisiana bluegrass blasts the cobwebs off the Cobblestone

Great music.  Tumbleweed Love Sessions are not to be missed!