Jameson & Proper Twelve. Two of Pernod Ricard’s flagship brands

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Guinness selling alcohol-exploit Japan women’s rugby


Diageo Ireland

Have you seen the new Guinness “Liberty Fields” campaign? It celebrates inclusivity in rugby through the remarkable tale of a group of women who defied the social conventions of 1980s Japan. #libertyfields

Guinness selling carcinogenic alcohol with Kelly Rizzo



Ahhh the sweet taste of Guinness in Ireland 🇮🇪(Swipe to see @bobsaget And my face on a pint of Guinness! 🍺😂) This has been my favorite beer FOREVER- actually helped me gain the “Freshman 5” in college 😂. We went to the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin yesterday and it was incredible! Did you know that Guinness was founded in 1759 and the Guinness family has helped Dublin during so many times of difficulty. Including helping to rebuild St. Patrick’s cathedral?!
Have you ever been to Dublin? Or done the Guinness tour? Let me know below! Would love to know what you thought. And SAVE this post if you’re planning to go to Dublin in the future. Slàinte! 🍻