Guinness Draught is not served warm in Ireland,^Heather Guinness Correspondent

Guinness US@GuinnessUSGuinness Myth 4: Guinness Draught is served warm in Ireland.

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FALSE!  Last summer in Dublin I talked with Beer Specialist Colm. Guinness Draught is not served warm in Ireland, unlike what some might think! ^Heather Guinness Correspondent #GuinnessMythBusting

Alcohol causes chaos? – Yes, we know. ^Heather, Guinness Correspondent

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Guinness fans, tell me about your most memorable Guinness! Mine was my first Draught pint, with friends at a pub in my hometown in FL. That great pint tasted like nothing I鈥檇 had before, and my friends & I had a great evening! ^Heather, Guinness Correspondent