Rita Huntley selling Ketel One for Diageo

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Throwback to Saturday when I got to visit my girl from on-boarding 🌸 Thank you again @cocktailswithkeeks for helping support the Babes Who Brunch charity event 💞We had sun, botanicals, and a rooftop full of babes.. what could be better? .


Diageo want you to enjoy Smirnoff ice-especially when you are out driving..

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Quando perguntam para ele como e ser casado comigo, está é a cara que ele faz kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Te amo fedo!
⚠️ Se for dirigir, não beba.. mas se for beber pega na @beerhousebandeirantes
Que lá sempre tá do jeito que a gnt gosta: GELADAAAA! ❄️