Benefits of being alcohol free

There are multiple benefits to being alcohol free, new ones emerge every day

Below is my top ten:

1. HEALTH, both physical and mental, my brain is free from alcohol attack  and insides are cleaned up dramatically

2. WEALTH,  savings of 20,000 euros in cash at least, over two and a half years

3. WEIGHT, ugly fold of flesh around the middle is gone

4. FOOD, more fruit and vegetables, less red meat, chicken with garlic and ginger – yummy

5. KNOWLEDGE, genned up on the effects of alcohol, terribly toxic, no going back now

6. RESPECT, for oneself, from those around you, no more  disrespect to others while drunk

7. TIME, precious, more of it, to do all sorts of things

8. LESS GLOOMY, alcohol can be very depressing

9. NO MORE EXCUSES, eg, worked hard today,  so have to reward self with a few pints

10. NOT DEPENDENT,  was constantly on the look out  for the next drinking opportunity

Hence, alcohol is a waste of health, a waste of money, a waste of time, a waste of life

One Reply to “Benefits of being alcohol free”

  1. Greetings, I love your blog regarding alcohol. I recently decided to give up alcohol due to having 4 cardiac heart stents being placed in arteries around my heart. My doctor asked me if I drank alcohol. He knew the answer and wanted to see what I said. I admitted that I did and he asked me to cut down or quit. I quit in August of 2013 and have never felt better. I have more time, more money and a much clearer head. I can’t believe I drank from around 15 years old until 56 and have finally realized what a waste of time & money it really is. I look forward to seeing more information regarding the negative affects of alcohol. Thanks for the wonderful blog. John

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