Paulina Neville – Smirnoff 40% alcohol. #diageo

“As part of our Society 2030 strategy and our efforts to keep building a more diverse and inclusive society, #Smirnoff is aiming to empower the voices of our generation for causes that matter. The “No Te Lo Voy a Explicar” campaign is deeply rooted to Smirnoff’s purpose and gives visibility to the importance of #inclusion and the value of #diversity. We believe that the best things in life should be celebrated rather than explained. Our differences enrich us, and when in marketing we tell stories that empower the voice of our consumers, we have the opportunity to transform culture, especially if we do so from the heart of our purpose.” Paulina Aguilar Neville, Head of White Spirits

Read about Paulina Aguilar Neville’s Diageo journey and Smirnoff’s “No Te Lo Voy a Explicar” campaign –

#CharacterIsEverything #LifeAtDiageo #WeAreOne #Pride

Drink responsibly.

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