Diageo collaborating with @RNIB use @lucysdwardsofficial to target blind people. @BaileysOfficial #alcoholad #drinkawaste. There is no mention of alcohol in this Baileys endorsement by Lucy Edwards


Lucy Edwards v/o

Woww – I love that sound when you open a bottle of Baileys, it’s so good

Let’s have a pour, oooh I love a colada.

Listen to this delicious description by Baileys in collaboration with the RNIB

Layered and indulgent treats, marshmallow, rich chocolate ripples, caramelised marshmalow, biscuits, red cherries, raspberries

Get in my belly. Get in my belly.

Her voice voice is so relaxing, dive in

Ok guys, I’m going to level with you

This pina colada is is so tasty

That woman’s voice is so dreamy

Baileys you are setting the bar so high with your with your all text descriptions right now

I havent had all text descriptions for 10 years

And finally brands like Baileys are saying”Hey” we care about blind consumers

IWe care about putting all texts on our posts. We’re going to it now forever

I just think everybody needs to be like be like Baileys

They also have an accessability guide, you can write your own descriptions

I just can;t wait for more Baileys to be honest, I’m so excited

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andOriginal audio

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#Spon Delicious audio descriptions are so tasty!! Can every alt text on Instagram be like this pls? After 10 years of having no eyesight and scrolling on Instagram, I’ve often been unable to understand what my screen reader is hovering over because it just says ‘graphic’ at me. But alt text completely changes my life and makes my world colourful again and it’s so good to see a big brand like @BaileysOfficial championing the alt text feature on Instagram in consultation with the @RNIB! It means that you also get to join my little exclusive club of hearing alt text descriptions hehe. Baileys and the RNIB are also shining a light on accessible content with their writing guide. Check out my stories for the guide and write your own delicious description today. Don’t you think her voice is just so relaxing!!!? #drinkresponsibly #DeliciousDescription


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